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Welcome to Traffic Survey Solutions
The field of Traffic Surveys / Counting has undergone a major change over the last few years since the introduction of new video techniques.

At Traffic Survey Solutions our services are straight-forward. We don’t try to be all things to everyone; instead we focus on processing different types of Traffic Data Video Footage with High Accuracy, Quality and Security providing clear, focused and cost-effective services to traffic survey business.

Traffic Survey Solutions provides professional outsourcing services for a variety of traffic survey companies, We work with a number of traffic survey collection companies providing backend support to improve data quality, timelessness of projects and ultimately reduce overheads.

Our focus is on quality data, with a detailed Quality Assurance System, so that clients can have complete confidence in every report we provide.

Through a background in traffic data collection, Traffic Survey Solutions is uniquely positioned to offer data processing services, with detailed understanding of not only traffic and transport survey processing but of actual data collection.

Surveys we Process
  Intersection Counts
  Roundabout Counts
  Line by Line Counts
  Pedestrian Counts
  Mid Block Counts
  Origin & Destination Surveys
  Travel Time Surveys
  Parking Surveys
  'Q' Length Study
  Red light Runner Surveys
  School Crossing Surveys
  ANPR verification
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