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Why Do People Like Working With Us?
First and foremost I think that the clients that love working with us comes from the basis that we love working with them.

So why specifically do people like working with us?

  • There is a high level of QUALITY in place at all times
  • The quality is high but the PRICES are not (we are sensitive to the costs of running a small business)
  • Along with the Quality we have high level of SECURITY to clients data and information
  • Clients are not left blank about the status of their jobs; we provide daily reports which allow clients to gain a quick overview of the current status of all their projects.
  • Our experience in the fields of Traffic and Transport data collection is clearly a major advantage in management and scoping of large data processing jobs and subsequent reporting…
  • When we have a thought or come across information that would grow a client’s business we won’t just put our head in the sand and stick to the project or technology - we share the information and strategies to grow the business.
  • We know, understand and live what it is to be a small business owner.
  • We take pride in our clients and their achievements.
Surveys we Process
  Intersection Counts
  Roundabout Counts
  Line by Line Counts
  Pedestrian Counts
  Mid Block Counts
  Origin & Destination Surveys
  Travel Time Surveys
  Parking Surveys
  'Q' Length Study
  Red light Runner Surveys
  School Crossing Surveys
  ANPR verification
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